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Similarities between MDC-T and Zanu-PF

9 years ago | 29696 Views
Done by Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo

1. Both parties have Shona Presidents and Kalanga Vice Presidents (JL Nkomo [late from Tjolotjo] and Thokozani Khupe from Mpalawhali in Bulilima-Mangwe.

(Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a Shona Pres, but how the power is exercized).

2. Both have Kalanga Chairman who hold no power whatsoever - Simon Khaya-Moyo for Zanu PF from Bulilima-Mangwe and Lovemore Moyo for MDC-T from Matobo.

3. In both parties the Chairmen and VPs are mere postholders coz Shona guys under them are publicly known as the 2ICs - Biti in MDC-T and Mutasa and Mujuru in Zanu-PF.

4. Both parties use intra and inter-party violence and one point or the other to gain votes.

5. Both parties have been fingered in scandals of corruption and mismanagement.

6. Both parties have a clear disdain for the so-called Matebeleland, considering things from Mashonaland "national" and those from Matebeleland "regional" or "tribal".

Now, for those of you from Bukalanga (so-called Mat'South), think of it. We rejected Zanu PF long back but it keeps dangling Kalanga Vice-Presidents and Chairman to us to deceive us into thinking that they care. They don't.

MDC-T has also learned the game, put in a Kalanga VP and Chairman yet give them no power at all. Let's reject them too. They just don't care about us.

Now, compare the two with MDC. The President is a Ndebele-speaking Kalanga. The Secretary General is a mixed Shona/Ndebele. The Deputy Secretary General is Kalanga.

The VP is Zezuru I believe. The Chairman is Manyika if not mistaken. The Spokesman is a Ndebele-speaking Kalanga. The Deputy Spokesman is Karanga I believe. The Treasurer General is Sotho-speaking, etc.

Now, you can see which party cares about you. In the MDC Kalangas, Zezurus, Manyika, Ndebeles, Sothos, Karangas, etc all hold very significant power, balancing everything across the country.

But, in Zanu PF power lies with the Zezuru with a little Manyika element. Similary, in MDC-T power lies with the Karanga with a bit of Manyika again.

Vote wisely. When we as MDC say we celebrate diversity and want equality of all citizens we mean it. Our leadership shows it. Ndaboka. Ndaaa.
13 Taliyana
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Anonymous user 9 years
probably the worst tribal trash I have read in a long time. You sir are an utter bafoon... Pls educate yourself....
Anonymous user 9 years
You cannot use tribalism as the major issue of leadership or power. Go deeper into family relationships whether at the primary or extended level where you find that there are no longer the so called pure Ndebele, Karanga, Zezuru, Kalanga, Manyika, etc as a result cross marriages, trans locations of communities by the settler regime. Take Filabusi, Mhondoro, Zvishavane/Mberengwa, Shurugwi & many other places around the country where several ethnic groups have been integrated with the locals. In those communities, it is next to impossible to say who is original & who is an outsider. Leaders who come from there cannot be put into your distinct categories. This is the beauty of Zimbabwe where it is impossible to have ethnic/tribal progrons as happened elsewhere. The Zezuru father is married to a Sesotho mother. Their Baba Mukuru is a Tonga whose Sekuru is Ndau but the Tete is Kore-kore. The amainini is Ndebele, etc. etc. So which particular tribe do you despise or discriminate against. Which becomes your lead tribe? Your theory is bane, retrogressive & very absurd.
Anonymous user 9 years
Anonymous user 9 years
super idiot.MDC NCUBE a bucnh of CIOs masquerading as an opposistion party.Ndzimu a pathetic Kalanga .
Anonymous user 9 years
try o gather tsombori if yu gt nothing to do yu tribalist!!!!
Anonymous user 9 years
A very poor and badly researched article. My Father is a Manyika but my mother is a Ndebele, born in Emawabeni, I love my half brothers and sisters from Mat, we visit each other we are one family. We are all shocked by this trash
Anonymous user 9 years
tribal politics is not what zimbabwe need wena hamba ekhaya
Anonymous user 9 years
Utshaye khona Bulawayo24 turned to Halale24 lizonya matshona
Anonymous user 9 years
u will not rule this country if u have tha type of rascism my dear
Anonymous user 9 years
inwi zwavhudivhudi ni kha ulutanya vhathu vhane ndi vha thihi. you are doing a deservice to your mdc with your obssesion with tribe. niyadivhenga inwi mune nadovha nasavhi navhutanzi vhauri ni wela gai, ndiyone thaidzo yanu yauthoma yeneyo.
Anonymous user 9 years
I like it. Any comment on the Gwanda led party; I mean ZAPU and KUSILE/MABAMBO/DAWN?
Anonymous user 9 years
CIOs are Zimbabweans. They have all the constitutional rights to associate and belong to political parties. I do not subscribe to political organisations that are run/handled by CIAs, FBIs, MI6, NGOs, etc. They are worse of than MDC. If your allegations are true then MDC has some direction at least. It has some national values not this alien-driven monster masquerading as a Zimbabwean organisation.
Anonymous user 8 years
people are seeking ways of dividing the world on a daily basis,the above writer is truly one of them,look at what is happening in Nigeria,Kenya,Somalia,Sudan,Iraq,Mali and you will realise what I am talking about,let us concentrate our energy on working and producing(Japan and China are good examples)
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