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How is Tsvangirai related to Grace Mugabe?

10 years ago | 37777 Views
Rumour has it that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is related to Grace Mugabe nee Marufu and I don't buy it, I want one of these rumour mongers to tell me how Tsvangirai is related to Grace, is it because they come from the same district? Is it from Tsvangirai's ex-wife's side, I don't get it, some one help.

People in Harare allege that the reason why Tsvangirai is still alive is because he is related to the Mugabes, does this argument hold? If MDC was led by anyone other than Tsvangirai, will that person be still alive and kicking?

Haters must leave Tsvangirai alone and not peddle baseless rumours.
11 Taliyana
Tags: Mugabe,Tsvangirai


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myAfroTube 10 years
That's not true! instead he is related to Bob himself lol
Anonymous user 10 years
I stand to be corrected but Grace's mum and Tsvangirai dad are real brother and sister
Anonymous user 10 years
he is related 2 Mgabe nt the wifey
Anonymous user 10 years
Also haters must leave the Mugabes alone because they are not murderers anymore
Anonymous user 10 years
Everyone in Zimbabwe is related. FUCK THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous user 10 years
Graces mum is Xhosa, tsvangirai a shona
Anonymous user 9 years
chimuregai aende kumombe zuva rakwira
Anonymous user 9 years
he is related to president not the wifey,
Anonymous user 9 years
kkkkkkkkkk ma1
Anonymous user 9 years
Chiregai mudara bob vaende kunohvura mbudzi zuva rakwira +is now 2 old in power
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