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NO SEX IN HEAVEN - Pastor says we must make the most of it now

10 years ago | 51355 Views
VUKILE POKWANA from City Press

The myth that holiness is thought to mean sexlessness has been given a kick in the groin by Pastor Agrippa Khathide, who has brought sex and sexual matters into the spotlight.

Khathide, who preaches about sex in such an explicit manner that pornographic material seems tame, told City Press "sexuality is a good and joyous part of human life that needs to be explored on earth because there will be no sex in heaven".

Khathide will be motivating male inmates at the Nelspruit prison in Mpumalanga today on their "sense of self worth" and encouraging the guys "to mend their ways because the male population in this country is behind bars and we need them to take care of their wives."

Khathide, who has made the topic of sex a talking point in the Church said: "The restrictions placed on it in the old days were the restrictions, not of necessity, but of repression and fear.

"There are pastors who cringe in my presence when I start talking explicitly about sex."

Today's function was organised by a Nelspruit-based women's group, Lethuthando, and Nelspruit mayor Ike Khoza.

A host of dignitaries from the area will address the inmates.

The theme for the day is "Review of the role of the father beyond 2003".

Part of Khathide's keynote address will be flighted on Ligwalagwala FM, which is the electronic media sponsor.

Khathide has just released a CD version of an explicit, sex-soaked sermon, with a view to counselling couples.

He is also a published author who deals with various issues from youth affairs to religion and spiritutality.

The adult CD is selling like hot cakes. It shocks and entertains, but is also prescribed for couples to listen to it together.

Lucas Mahlakgane of Awareness Creation Marketing, who helps manage and promote Pastor Khathide, said "sexuality was seen as the opposite of holiness and if there was any one place in society where sex is absolutely forbidden it is in the Church".

"But times have changed and the wheel is turning once again.

"While people want to shelve talks about sex, in the meantime AIDS and STDs that compromise health, fertility and even life have come on the scene," said Mahlakgane.

What better place than the Church to ask ourselves what values and principles will guide our behaviour? 
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Anonymous user 10 years
It would sound as if Pastor Khathide is actually sex-starved and city-whacked enough to try and justify his libidinal urges by purporting to convince innocent people to be sex crazy like him. The high level of sodomy and homosexuality in prisons is a cause for concern. One hopes that Nelspruit prison will not live to hear this pastor's sexual rantings. One cringes at the kind of disaster that will result from wanton sexual statements from such an enthusiastic perverted "Devil of the Cloth!" Such people as Khathide, were in medieval times washed in the mouth - yes inside the mouth - with a large dish of soapy water!
Anonymous user 10 years
More like burned at the stake!
Anonymous user 10 years
Does the church still have as part of its mandate, some morality and ethical responsibilities toward congregants?
Anonymous user 10 years
Well, the world is getting too complicated and too free like, in all the democracy and rights advocacy that has taken over human interaction!
Anonymous user 10 years
Do you think pastors might one day like dissolve in front of the congregation as the divine principle puts things into perspective?
Anonymous user 10 years
Be brave! Revenges you mean!
Anonymous user 10 years
I am getting to love this!
Anonymous user 9 years
the truth is sex is great admit it or not ,read the songs of Solomon , well expressed.People like to deny the truth, rather be real than pretend
Anonymous user 8 years
Where do we get your dvd
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