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There is sex in heaven

10 years ago | 38079 Views

THE effects of the shock of Pastor Agrippa Khathide's biblical ignorance are still reeling in my cerebellum. I was aghast last week, by the sex pastor's misleading notion that there might be no sex in heaven (City Press, November 16). I found the piece to be quite poetic and out of place because the preacher neglected a few points from the Bible. Despite the fact that he pretended to be writing from pure speculation, the man, as a victim of indoctrination himself, does actually have one verse from the Bible to back him up. Reason would be to use it as a shield if anyone like myself would respond negatively to his senseless piece.

To help him, let me quote the verse in the book of Matthew 22:30: "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the sons of God."

It is a factual statement to say that the Bible is very complicated and open to discussion and debate, with regards to interpretation. On the other religious hand it is true that in this world we have people who are called Gnostics (those who claim to know God) and Agnostics (those who claim ignorance about deity and do not dispute its existence since they can't prove neither claim). Khathide has proven himself to be altogether an ignorant Gnostic, by not only claiming he knows God but also by insinuating that in God's Paradise there will be no sex. In the verse Jesus Christ, the speaker there, never mentioned that there would be no sex for resurrected saints, but he only stated that there'd be no marriage, and by this I do not mean there will be promiscuity in heaven.

However, Khathide made reference to an eternal orgasm. Would it really be hard for God to help us achieve an orgasm in a sexual way? I mean according to Jesus Christ there will be food and wine in heaven, although I'm quite sure we won't have to say any prayer to bless the food. We will be living in the mezzanine of blessings themselves. Rationally, there will be no need to invoke blessings as in traditional matrimonial ceremonies before a couple can have sex. If God created sex as according to Khathide and the Holy Book, why would sex suddenly become vexatious in the place from which God created it? This is senseless.

Another point is the line found in the entrails of the Lord's Prayer: "Let thine will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Khathide says in many of his controversial tapes that sex here on earth is God's will. Now comparing the facts, the will is done on earth only as it is in heaven. It shows that earth, on its holy turf, is a reflection of heavenly affairs.

Moreover, Jesus says, in the verse preceding the no-marriage at resurrection, "ye err for ye know not the scriptures." Does this mean Khathide errs because of scriptural ignorance? Yes, indeed.

It is funny how public orators like him are always put in positions that portray them as knowledgeable. This is a general norm of church life, where the pastor is right no matter how irrelevant or irreverent his message is. Khathide is wrong, dead wrong and I fear to see the look on his face at resurrection, because St James 3:1 says that preachers of the word will be judged more severely. There clearly is nothing unbiblical about what I'm saying, and this brings me to my simple conclusion: there will be a whole lot of sex in heaven. The only time that I am at peace and not thinking of my earthly problems is when I'm having sex, and we all know there will be no crying in heaven, unless of course those are tears of joy.

To make this article end amicably, I will quote the sex pastor when he said in City Press: "one of the enriching experiences in life is to get people who are bold enough to ask questions that are meant to test the contours of orthodoxy to its very limits.

"Intellectual sparring with someone can be both challenging and horizon-widening. Without it people will not be able to come up with fresh and creative ideas." Therefore, Pastor Khathide, I hope this idea of sex in heaven is quite fresh to all of us.

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Anonymous user 10 years
I think the write has a point here - the Pastor should get his facts straight about this.
Anonymous user 10 years
Concern about sex in heaven without regard to the spiritual purity of an individual is a misplaced priority for both Pastor Khathide and Esseng. Both are presumptuous in thinking that they are already destined for heaven. Their arguments might be indicative of and predictive of their fitting destination - hell!
Anonymous user 10 years
Yes, brother! The devil speaks with a wonderful and convincing tongue! His intelligence knows no bounds; and pastors and those who comment on them, might just be the typical devil advocates! Right on brother!
Anonymous user 10 years
Forked tongue most likely!
Anonymous user 10 years
intresting subject you have here, please answer me just one question im in confusion, as writen in the bible it a woman is married more than once and her husbands die say they are two, who will be authorised to have sex with her in heaven and what about the other?
Anonymous user 10 years
esseng your argument is very shallow as you conviniently avoided revealing parts of the scriptures, that you are so fond of qouting, that actually pour cold water on your argument. you are wrong to assert that everyone who interprets the bible are basically doing it out of assumptions. There is what is called revelation knowledge - The Apostle Paul used this kind of knowledge about heavenly affairs quite often. You also missed the point on the purpose of sex. I am sure you agree with me that it was designed for procreation. Now what you appear ignorant of is the fact that there wont be any additional inhabitants to populate heaven apart from the saved saints.
Anonymous user 10 years
Maybe you need to read your bible, before you say someone is ignorant. When God gave the gift of sex to mankind , He meant for it to be consummated within the confines of Marrige which is why He presided over the first marriage before sin was found in man. In His plans - No marriage, no sex., Logically it follows, no sex in heaven..One thing to note though, we are not going to stay in heaven forever for God will create a new heaven and a new earth. therefore we might continue to live as Adam did with his one wife.
Anonymous user 9 years
quran simply and clearly describes this thing
Anonymous user 9 years
A positive (though somewhat speculative) scholarly case can be made that male-female relationships like marriage can continue between the redeemed into the next life. This may then also imply a romantic, physical or even sexual aspect in such a relationship. For more detailed information please google my website 'rezfamilies'.
Anonymous user 9 years
I think the person above is only saying as he wants annd not keeping with the word of god truth,the bible clearly says no sin will enter into heaven or be allowed,so that means no sex outside of marriage,heavens not going to be one big orgie but of worshiping the father in spirit and in truth,all our intimacys will be with Jesus ,we will be the bride of Christ alone.
Anonymous user 9 years
so do u believe that if we can have sex with each other that we can have sex with Jesus too?
Anonymous user 8 years
If sex allowed in heaven it won't be heaven.
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