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Form 4 boy describes female teacher's privates

9 years ago | 21844 Views
A Gutu female teacher from Chiguhume Secondary School paid dearly for her moral lessons to students when, after one such a lesson, a pupil sent her a long vulgar message describing the teacher's private parts and those of some of her (teacher's) relatives.

Tawanda Gwatidzo (20) sent a cellphone message to his female teacher describing how ugly her private parts were and how they compared with her grandmother's. he demanded that the teacher, Mrs Eugenia Defe (30) stop poking her nose into the love affairs of school pupils and threatened the teacher with witchcraft if she failed to take hid.

The message on the phone read: "Musatanyo** muromo seshu** yegakanje. Zvevana vechikoro uneinazvo rega vadanane iwe hauna murume wako here satanyo**. Mh**** seyambuya vako ndoda kuzvipedza asi kana uchida kuti ndiite wechitwo (murume wako) ndouya. Muno muChinguhute unoenda muromo padivi. Muromo sedinj* renguruve"

Magistrate Nyasha Vitorini slapped Gwatidzo with four years in jail which were wholly suspended and then ordered him to do 140 hours of community service. The four years will be invoked if the Form 4 pupil who claims to know how his married teacher's privates look like, ever describes them again.

The court heard that on 24 July 2013, the 20-year-old school boy of Chinomwe Village under Chief Munyikwa who is doing his Form Four at Chiguhure Secondary School sent a text message to his school teacher, Mrs Eugenia Defe, and insulted her in vulgar.

It is further alleged that Mrs Defe had earlier on at that school advised students not to engage in love affairs as they needed to concentrate on their education first. The 'advice' did not go down too well with 20-year-old Gwatidzo who went home after school and sent a lengthy sms to his female married teacher using his mobile phone.

Irked by the seemingly shocking description of her own privates, the teacher reported the matter leading to her student's arrest. Gwatidzo pleased guilty to the charges.

Agatha Gabriel prosecuted.
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Anonymous user 9 years
Young man is sick
Anonymous user 9 years
20 years old and still form 4... says it all he is a special case.
Anonymous user 8 years
idhaara!!!! kkkkkk!
Anonymous user 7 years
Mahendra darji taliyana
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