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South Africa
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Botswana hates Zimbabwe for its diamonds, diamonds, lots of diamonds, platinum & rich land

9 years ago | 27967 Views
By Udo W. Froese

REMEMBER Botswana's president, Lieutenant-General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, hosted Zimbabwe's MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai when he left his country via South Africa to stay in Gaborone and called for his support? Remember the letter written by one American Jeff Ramsay, then Botswana presidency's spokesman, whose letter withdrew the country's support for Sadc's unanimous decision to return Zimbabwe to the Commonwealth in Abuja, Nigeria, in December 2003?

Today, 10 years later, Jeff Ramsay is Botswana's Minister of Information. Ramsay called for an audit of Zimbabwe's elections, which the AU and the Sadc had declared as free, fair and credible.

It is also important to note that Debswana plays a significant role in Botswana's economy and political power administration. The powerful global diamond cartel has its cutting and polishing factories and its dealing and exporting offices in Botswana's Diamond Technology Park, firmly positioned close to the Sir Seretse Khama Airport of Gaborone, an airport recently built by the Chinese. Earlier this year, Lt-Gen Ian Khama spoke critically of China's role in Botswana.

A few weeks ago, the BBC World Service reported that Debswana had concluded a US$5 billion diamond deal, which would be to "the benefit of Botswana's economy". And, in September this year, the diamond cartel's former CSO in London will move its head office to Gaborone, Botswana.

In less than an hour's drive to the north of Gaborone, the biggest military airport was built some 20 years ago. It was built as a US airbase. This was done, among other things, in preparation for the possibility of having to evacuate whites from South Africa in the run-up to that country's first democratic elections.

In Maun, in north-western Botswana, the US built a satellite command and monitoring station, manned by US personnel only. In addition to the above, the US established Africa Military Command stations in Botswana. The above-mentioned are recorded facts in the media, as Botswana has often been mentioned to be an American satellite in the Sadc region.

South Africa's ruling ANC always had cordial relations with its northern neighbour, Botswana. In the years of apartheid oppression, Botswana was most accommodating of South Africans fleeing from the oppressive regime in Pretoria.

That was yesteryear, however. The ANC, like most ruling struggle movements, also underwent massive changes. South Africa's ANC, as it was until the 1980s, is no longer. It was transformed into a ruling political party, badly bruised by the CODESA negotiations, its Sunset clauses and so-called "black-on-black violence", leading up to the first democratic elections and a new South Africa in May 1994. The former colonial apartheid regime with its powerful international Western support base was able to maintain the old status quo.

This is history. However, what leads Botswana and its international Western backers to be hostile towards President Mugabe and Zanu-PF?

It is quite simple . . . diamonds, diamonds, lots of diamonds and platinum and rich land!

Remember, it was stolen before. Cecil John Rhodes and his British South Africa Company invaded the land north of the Limpopo; killing hundreds of indigenous people and called it Northern and Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland. This occupation, theft and, to top it all, the eventually legalised racial discrimination, were the root cause of Zimbabwe's First, Second and Third Chimurengas.

One needs to be honest and ask, who strategises and funds the "rebel, tribal and civil wars" in Africa? Who brings the arms, ammunition and drugs to Africa's destabilised lands and plundered regions? Who trains the mercenaries and "rebel soldiers"? Why, in the first place, terrorise Africa, while enforcing diabolically structured poverty upon the people? Who are the paymasters of the lobbies that operate from the shadows and their covert operations? Who engineers the highly treasonous infiltration of terrorism and mercenaries, executing the ultimate goal of "regime change"?

It is clear that racism, low-key civil wars and plunder go hand-in-hand and cannot be divorced from one another. That is the reality of a powerful foreign policy, which is backed by neo-liberalism.

President Mugabe and the Zanu-PF-led government stand in the way of the powerful global diamond cartel, which is hell bent on wrestling the land and its wealth from its original owners. Yet, Anglo-America's huge land-tract in Zimbabwe of reportedly over 800 000 hectares has never been touched. Meanwhile, its related diamond cartel uses all tricks in the trade to undermine Harare in its bid to nationalise its assets and return them to the original owners. No one, however, mentions it.

It is in the aforementioned context that Botswana with its history of US and Israeli geo-strategic interests, more particularly in the diamond wealth of Debswana, is used as a spearhead to assist in manipulating Zimbabwe's authorities into "negotiating" its resources over to the global diamond cartel. It is planned that Zimbabwe's diamond industry would eventually take a similar shape to Namibia's NamDeb and Botswana's Debswana, which is an officially protected ‘50/50 percent-State-DeBeers' arrangement.

The British banker, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, once said, if he had control over the finances of a country, he would not care who ruled it. This makes sense to plunder barons, their lobbies and their gatekeepers. Are Botswana's Khama and Ramsay the gatekeepers of those who keep Zimbabwe's resources and the regional stability (or instability) in their aim?

Udo W. Froese, non-institutionalised, independent political and socio-economic analyst and columnist, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This article can also be found on the blog:
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Anonymous user 9 years
Don't lie to us Botswana is only concerned about human abuse and Police brutality of the people. How dare you open your filthy mouth and tell the whole Word that nonsense people of Zimbabwe are all over the World coz they fear to be victimised by Zanu PF thugs. I urge international community to intervene in this matter and topple this Zanu.
Anonymous user 9 years
If Nikuv is clean why hide? If it is clean it should come out and clear its name. You talk about Botswana our neighbour who is concerned because they also keep desparate Zimbabweans there. South Africa should be on the look out because Bla Zuma might want to use this Nikuv since he is in trouble. SADC should be ashamed of itself. These anomallies were raised before voting and they did nothing about them. Now they have struck us out of their agenda because they don't care about Zimbabweans. If they care they should investigate. Why did ZANU PF refuse to do Security reforms, Media reforms and electoral reforms? They want to gain something from Mugabe. If they dont they should nullify the elections and facilitate a free and fare ground for credible elections. We Zimbabweans know that Mugabe rigged. He has been a rigger since day one when he reported that ballot boxes from Bantonga in were sunk in Lake Kariba. If SADC wants Mugabe they should harbour him in their countries. All what Mugabe says goes with them. Dont misinform people for us. Why allow Israelites rig our elections. We dont want foreign interference including Israelites, Chinese, Russians, Japaneese etc. Lets be very fair. SADC deal with this issue fairly for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.
Anonymous user 9 years
a genuine assessment of neocolonialist tendencies in southern Africa.we have to fight these new colonialists whose strategies are so attractive even to the less suspecting young and learned Africans who are blinded by globalisation and democracy.
Anonymous user 9 years
zimbabwe has a sizeable number of impatient people whose freedoms of speech and association are detrimental to the generality of the population.whatever zimbabwe has now God knows why.its the best peaceful situation for the country now.those calling for whatever action on Zimbabwe dont have Zimbabwe at heart.They are indirectly inciting instability in the country.most claim to be learned BUT lack wisdom.VERY intolerant of certain situations.
Anonymous user 9 years
you are crazy.
Anonymous user 9 years
Udo W. Froese sadly your article looks like a repeat of dali tambo article , why cant real journalist write articles and propagandist stick to goverment papers, try not to be an appologist for bad goverment in zimbabwe because silly articles like this hurt real people . all africa needs is leaders that are willing to put the needs of their respective countrys first and not their personal need to get wealthy in fact if they put as much time that they spend in defrauding our countrys as to making our countrys rich we could have rich countrys.
Anonymous user 9 years
well researched article
Anonymous user 9 years
Lona le a tsenwa
Anonymous user 9 years
What a load of rubbish Udo W. Froese why do people like you not want the truth to get out but would continue to allow people and citizens of zimbabwe to die for your miss guided veiws
Anonymous user 7 years
Lies, there's no such thing as an American command station manned by Americans only, nor is there any other American station in Botswana. Stop repeating the rumours you head in the "media". We as Batswana living in Botswana, such news is a big surprise to us. American soldiers come to Botswana yearly for TRAINING, maybe that's where the rumour started from.
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