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Reviving Bosso Glory days, the solution

10 years ago | 34934 Views
**********Guys wat do u think of this, I got this from the net********


I do hope my email finds you in good health and things going fine in bulawayo but it look slike things are not good at the club,

Well you mighty call me a tribalist or wat ever you feel like but i have a few things to air that i feel can revive my beloved team to the good old days.

I have said this before and i will keep saying it coz i see it as the main problem why the team is playing bad, i cant believe that a team like bosso can play 10 games and win only once.

I think it's high team the bosso elders do away with these shona players from other teams or provinces, honestly those boys have no idea or passion about bosso, they dont know wat it means to dorn that black and white kit and give 150% effort, how can u expect a player from caps utd, dembare or gunners to come to bosso and give all his heart out, obvious those boys are dembare/caps utd at heart and they want to see their teams doing well at the expense of bosso,

i believe there is lot of talent in matebeleland and u can get boys who want to play for bosso with all their hearts, get boys who will cry if they lose or draw while wearing that black and white kit, get boys who want to imulate the 80's and ealry 90's teams, get boys who will sing, sleep, drink, think bosso all the time

The reason why DYNAMOS does well in africa and local is coz they have 99% dynamos sons in their team, the players who play for dembare they supoorted from tender age, dreamt of playing for it, and thus why they give 200% effort even if they have inhouse problems, they know that dynamos is their team from birth and they will never let it down no matter wat, but with us if those hsona players dont get paid for 2 matches the next thing they give shoody perfomances on the field and then the next thing you fire a coach, firing coaches will not do us any good, it all cuases more misery and stress to bosso fans, please maphepha can you listen to the fans for once and get boys who want to play for bosso with all their hearts, gwanda, vic falls, wankie, tsholotsho, plumtree, nkayi, nyathi u can go scout for boys who want to play for bosso and have a dream about the team than to be busy wasting money buying these players from harare who come to the team with their own agendas.

As long as you don't take this issue serious Bosso will continue to go down the drain and the next thing u will play home matches with 100 supporters as we cant keep watching these shona players bringing the team to it's knees, we would rather go support NJUBE SUNDOWNS as it has more ndebele players than Bosso's now.


Dissapointed Supporters.
Zonda Mthakathi 
16 Taliyana
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Anonymous user 10 years
all i cn say is f**k u u tribalist. So what abt us shonas wt black n wyt blood? We jst nid players wt bosso at heart n 4get all th tribal slurs
Anonymous user 10 years
so r u sayin its nt allowed 2 b shona n bosso???????? U r pathetic my dear.
Anonymous user 10 years
tho i agree wt u on the dembare psrt, i think it has to be more on recruiti players frm our junior ranks n incalcating th fytin spirit in them so tht wen they bcome man they will fyt till the last whistle. Tribalism, gender and racism are usually used to justify failure.
Anonymous user 10 years
The way forward is to vote for a Chairman who will take Bosso forward.....not just an ordinary person but someone who has been to school, done business admin , marketing etc.Someone who will be able to set Highlanders FC as a brand in football.I believe the current chairman as I see it has blinkers. How can guys go for 19 games without testing defeat and are nor given any incentives at all? Is the Chairman and the other members showing any appreciation for the job that the Coaches and the players have done? I do not think so...Mr Chairman , we will very soon be voting you out for you do not Higfhlanders at heart. Thina ama Ndebele yikho kodwa esisele lakho...i Highlanders. Ama minerals ethu e Matebeland, bayasithathela beyekwakha i Harare. Vuka ndoda, vusa inkophe ngoba thina ukuthokoza kwethu kuse Highlanders. Uma ungafuni ukwenza khonokho esikufunayo...phuma !!!!! Ongafuniyo...uyayekela mani...mciiii.
Anonymous user 10 years
Vana vemahure, products of Gukurahundi rape are a problem. Aaah
Anonymous user 10 years
this is petty thinking, open yo mind or at least pretend to have one. who wants to play to lose because of tribal reasons, risking yo footballing career coz u're from Harare. European football clubs buy players from all over the world but look at how beautiful their soccer is.
Anonymous user 10 years
maNdebele will neva own anything or feel at home in zimbabwe. that is the land of the shona and nothing moves without us. all u know is to insult and kill each other and dreaming of goin to joburg while we make progress.
Anonymous user 10 years
that is a good and true comment from whoever.we need the old bosso not the young dynamos that we have now.
Anonymous user 10 years
Ngiyavuma maloba, Most readers on this blog don't understand why umzukulu weNkosi uLobhengula founded HFC in the first place, It was a team yamaNdebele, i team eyayidlalelwa ngamaNdebele bedlalela uMthwakazi. Manje sekudlala amaTshona ayi9 eqembwini? Akusiyo bosso leyo.
Anonymous user 10 years
m**di walo iTsona elithi akula lutho oluhambayo kungela matshona. litsho njalo nje linguhwayibhetshu limpampa lingela lasicathulo. ngiyaphinda njalo ngithi m**di wakho.
Anonymous user 10 years
Tapuwa Kapini, dazzy kapenya, washington arubi, chenjerai, obadiah tarumbwa, masimba mambare.......... the list is endless of Shonas who brought success to Bosso. you are a monkey!!!!!! so Real Madrid shld employ spanish ppl only? chelsea english ppl only? what eru you trying to say? you monkey!
Anonymous user 10 years
you mean we should get rid of players like masimba mambare?? You are lost, the Mapurangas and the mudzingwas? Hayi bo! That voice should not be listened to. First tean jesrseys are purely on merit not being ndebele or shona. Vula eyakho iteam uqhatshe amandebele if thats what you want.
Anonymous user 10 years
typical loser's mindset, wake up and stop dreaming. i am sure this guy is broke,busted and unlearned. stop inciting tribalisms and unite the sons of zimbabwe.
Anonymous user 10 years
you can always support dynamos.
Anonymous user 9 years
what a wierd suggestion in 2013
Anonymous user 7 years
liqiniso nkunzi ma ufuna ukubona ukuthi italent likhona hamba ezenzele sec sch elupane nge season ye disky uyozibonela
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