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Why Shona will never be an official language

10 years ago | 24211 Views
The reason why Shona will never be an official language is that almost everything means the same thing e.g:
Roof - denga,
Sky - denga,
Heaven - denga,

then Standing - yakamira,
its stopping - yakamira,
its upright - yakamira,
its not running - yakamira,
its halted - yakamira,
its waiting - yakamira,
its erect - yakamira

....then gadget - chinhu,
item - chinhu,
Thing - chinhu,
Penis - chinhu,
Vagina - chinhu

Shona, a language of few words!
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Anonymous user 10 years
yu're sick. shona dominates every where go to Johannesburg, Francis town and Gaborone its shona even in bulawayo where yu come whats yo story?
Anonymous user 10 years
that`s true..kikikikiki!
Anonymous user 9 years
you don't understand shona you need to get a shona dictionary with 5 000 words or speak to a proper shona person
Anonymous user 9 years
shona is not a language dhodi chairo.
Anonymous user 8 years
You are right Shona people are shameless. Go to human traficing 90% is Mashona. These people are a disgrace to Zim nationals.
Anonymous user 8 years
That is a very big lie Shonas are not dominant. Balamawala kuphela that is why during the xenophobic attacks they fell victim. If you were dominating why did you not retaliate.
Anonymous user 7 years
Shona haters tend to become xenophobic
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