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Be honest, what would you do?

10 years ago | 13718 Views
A scenario for debate, A man is going on a trip and the wife is helping him to pack his clothes.

When he was about to leave his wife handed him a box of CONDOMS and said "Honey, take these with you in case of temptations."

With a broad smile he said, "Thanx honey you are the best."

When he got into his car his wife came running.

"Honey give me some, who knows?? I might also be tempted."  
If you were the man, what would you do?
5 Taliyana
Tags: condoms


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iNdabaNdaba 10 years
I would cancel the trip!
Anonymous user 10 years
Shaky marriage at best. But aren't they all nowadays?
Anonymous user 10 years
i will give her the number she asks for a require an audit of the reimander and there the problem begins if used qns lke with who when was it yo first time that marks the beginng of querals leading to divorce its beta not knowing than knowing some other knowledge is not worthy
Anonymous user 10 years
Kunzima, kodwa nxa kulento eyenzakalayo, omunye wakho kangabikwazi ukwenzela ukuthi umtshado ungachitheki. ungabona omunye wakho esebenzisa i-condom emicimbicimbini yakhe, ngempela uyakuthanda. Yiso isihule esilengqondo.
Anonymous user 9 years
its clear that she gave her husband the condom just to test him. now she's just giving him a headache for the fun of it coz if she needed condoms she knows whr to get them. the husband should simply apologise for accepting them and burn them
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