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Pregnancy, avoid Common Mistakes!

11 years ago | 10357 Views
There's a lot more to getting pregnant than just having intercourse sometime in the middle of your cycle and hoping to see that positive pregnancy test instead of your period.

Why she can't get Pregnant!

I learned this the hard way.

When I was trying to conceive, I found out that there was a lot that I didn't know. Which led me to making a lot of big mistakes which were actually preventing me from getting pregnant.

For one thing, I had the timing all wrong. I thought I ovulated 14 days after the start of my period, but later learned that this is a big mistake that many women make. For most women, ovulation does not occur 14 days after their period starts even though many women think this is true. That's because most women do not have a perfect 28 day cycle.

And would you believe I was using lubrication that I later found out can kill sperm!! That certainly wasn't helping me to get pregnant, was it?

I also had my husband "save up" his sperm thinking this would make him more fertile when my ovulation day came, and it turns out this actually makes him less fertile, and reduces the chance of pregnancy. Who knew??

Oh, I could go on and on about all the mistakes I was making.

Luckily, after spending months researching, I uncovered many possible mistakes which can get in the
way of getting pregnant, and I made a lot of changes based on what I learned.

And guess what, I conceived my two little "bundles of joy" (not at the same time!) soon after I made
some changes!

I wrote a little report to inform other women about the common mistakes I discovered which can
reduce your chances of getting pregnant. I bet you'll be surprised to find that you're making at
least a few yourself!!

You can get your free copy of the "7 Mistakes Report" by clicking here. Consider it my gift to you...

I sincerely hope it helps you have your own little "bundle of joy."

Baby dust to you...


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Malema 11 years
Informative article, if you have more of these please post
Malema 11 years
Informative article, if you have more more and more of them articles please assist, am currently doing a paper on pregnancy
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