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Tsvangirai lied about Mukonoweshuro role

11 years ago | 6053 Views

I am a founding member of the united MDC and was there when the party was formed.
It is not true that Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro was also a founder member of the party. We only knew Mukonoweshuro as a political science lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe and not as an MDC leader.

The late Public Service minister was, above all, a personal friend of Morgan Tsvangirai and his elevation into the national executive was based on tribalism and favouritism by Tsvangirai and not on his performance within the party.

If the truth is to be told, Prof Mukonoweshuro was the architect behind the 2005 MDC split and some of us, to this day, view him as a serious divisionist even though he is no more.

Only Tsvangirai knew Mukonoweshuro personally. There is absolutely nothing to celebrate about Mukonoweshuro. The people of Zimbabwe should be told the truth when MDC cadres die.

Mukonoweshuro only joined the MDC around 2002 and did not play any role  in the fight for political change in Zimbabwe.

The pro-Tsvangirai media in Zimbabwe and Tsvangirai himself have been lying about Mukonoweshuro.

It seems MDC-T has joined Zanu PF in seeking glory through dead people.


It appears as though Tsvangirai’s political glamour is fading and the people are now looking for quality leadership since they now know the truth about MDC-T lies.

Prof Welshman Ncube seems to have gained some mileage from this and now tops the list of organised and truthful leaders in Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai should forget about getting votes, especially from people in  the Mashonaland provinces.


Allegations and accusations of tribalism against Prof Welshman Ncube are now exhausted topics which should not be believed by any level- headed MDC supporter or sympathiser.

We shall stand by Prof Ncube and encourage him to continue the good fight until he delivers a just, fair and prosperous Zimbabwe.

Gugugu Magorira, Harare.

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