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Until death do us part, does that work???

11 years ago | 5289 Views
Dear Editor,

People in general are very quick to blame the
husband and the other woman when a man is having an affair. My question,
from a happily married woman, to all of you is do you ever stop to
consider why the man chose to have an affair?

A good friend of
mine is married to a woman who flat out refuses to meet his needs,
physically or emotionally. For years he’s tried to resolve the problems
in his marriage through communication, marriage counselling, being super
romantic, and treating her how he’d like to be treated, to no avail.

happy with the status quo. She is getting everything she ever wanted
including a fancy house, car and to be a stay at home mom, without
having to do anything in return.

He is left with two choices.
Remain unhappily ever after or divorce his wife and in the process lose
his kids, half of what he’s worked for and half his monthly salary for
the rest of his life. I understand he’ll still get to see his kids, but
for a loving father going from a full time dad to four days a month is

Can you honestly blame this man if he decides
neither is an option he’d like to pursue? If he decides he’d rather stay
in his marriage and get his needs met somewhere else?

Yes, by
doing so he will be breaking his vows to her, but what of the vows she
made to him? How is she giving him the trust, honour, respect and
consideration she vowed to him by placing him in this catch 22?

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