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Our problem in Zimbabwe!

11 years ago | 5983 Views
Zambia is the latest to show us the way - how things are done. Our problem in Zimbabwe is that we have Shona people, that is why we will never be able to change political leadership, as is happening in the countries that are our neighbours.

All countries who don't have Shonas in significant numbers have become so successful, both politically and economically!!

In Zimbabwe, we are in big trouble - what is happening at the national level is exactly a reflection of what is happening at the party-political level. There is the "no one should challenge me" syndrome everywhere.

Its Gukurahundism, tribalism, regionalism and clanism/totemism everywhere - the level of political intolerance is unbelievable!!! 
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Anonymous user 10 years
if there is a problem,you must solve it,if it cant be solved,then kill it!
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