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Speaker of Parliament, Moyo, call for the arrest of a disruptive Zanu PF mob - how naive!

11 years ago | 3486 Views
A Zanu PF mob disrupt parliament proceeding on Saturday 23 July 2011. The mob assaulted an MDC MP and some journalist.

Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo, like many who commented soon after the disturbances, called on the police to “move with speed and take necessary measures to bring to book the sponsors and the perpetrators of the violence.”

Moyo speaks of political violence as if he has spent every hour of every day of the last three cocooned in parliament without ever listening to the radio or reading the news papers and hence was totally unaware of what has been happening.

How many incidences of political violence have taken place everyday across the country? So now that the violence is taking place in his ivory tower he calls on the Police to do something about it. Of course, the Police did nothing to stop the violence because they were waiting for Mr Moyo to tell them to act. Now that he has, all those involved will arrested and punished before the end of the week. Yes, thank you Mr Speaker, Sir!

The idiot does not even know that the Police have themselves instigated most of the violence!

The sheer incompetency and naivety of Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC ministers and leaders makes one despair. What chance does the nation have of digging itself out of this political and economic hell-hole with people like Moyo and Tsvangirai leading the fight!?
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